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Spring Semester 2013


State and Local Government

American Foreign Policy

American Presidency




Welcome to my home page.  This is your starting point for exploring the courses I teach in political science at Lewis University.  During the Spring term there are three courses that you can access from this site:   State and Local Government, American Foreign Policy, and American Presidency.  I have also placed a booklist of some of the  books I have read.  You can also access the departmental website at the Lewis site. 

To access course materials just click on the name of the course in the left hand column or at the bottom of the page. If you are in one or more of these classes be sure and examine the Websites for the classes carefully by going to each of the pages in the site and reading the material.  Here is a copy of the instructions I pass out the first day of class.

  • The goal of this Website is to provide:
    • a way to incorporate computer technology into the classroom
    • a means by which students can easily access class materials 
    • a method to enable students to become comfortable with and proficient with computer technology
    • a way to enhance communication between faculty and students using email
    • a way to help students appreciate the wealth of political information available on the Internet
    The courses you find here on the Internet go beyond the traditional classroom presentation in the following ways: 
    • They have links to political science resources on the Web.
    • They provide a detailed syllabus using annotations, links, and course readings on the Internet.
    • They present some course lecture notes and test study guides.
    • They provide a way for students to access their grades quickly and easily

    If you have any comments or questions contact me at either email address at the bottom of this page. To learn more about me or see what I look like click here.

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