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State and Local Government 

This page is designed to help students enrolled in State and Local Government.  Click on any of the items in the column on the left for information about this class.  Here you will find a description of the course as well as many aids to help you understand the course material.  In addition to the traditional syllabus material the website contains sample test questions and study guide to help you prepare for the tests.  It also has links to resources on the Internet to help you do written assignments. 

The Syllabus is a detailed online version of the course description and objectives, text and reading assignments, test dates and material covered on the tests.  It also has information about my office hours and location and how to contact me.  You should save it by copying it to your hard drive, a disk, or print it out. 

Topics and Readings list the topics for the class lectures and the reading assignments in the text.  It is part of the traditional syllabus material.  If you desire a traditional style syllabus copy it along with the Syllabus page.

Announcements is a place for me to post changes in the Web page.

 Communications is a page that explain how we will use Blackboard in this class.

Extra Credit leads you to the specific assignments you can do if you need to improve your grade.  You should check the 
Reference Shelf to help you find the necessary resources to do the projects.  There are several options available, all involving  use of the Internet. 

Test Study Guide is a page where I will provide material that will help you when studying for the tests.

Test Questions is a place where I have posted test questions used last year.  These are multiple choice questions similar to the ones you will see on the tests.  After each test I will post the questions and answers to help in studying for the reset.

Exam Schedule lets you access the test dates and the material covered on each test.  Keep in mind that this is a a tentative schedule that can be changed by human events.  Be sure to frequently view the Announcements page to become aware of any changes.

Grades is a place for me to post the grades after each test.

Reference Shelf is a page that list  resources on the Web to help you better understand State and Local Government and to do extra credit assignments.

Home Page returns you to my home page.

  If you have any questions contact me: Joe Gaziano