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American Presidency

This page is designed to help students enrolled in the American Presidency class.  Click on any of the items in the column on the left for information about this class. 

The Syllabus is an online copy of the course description,  reading assignments, exam and grading policy, and information about Internet assignments. 

Topics and Readings list the subjects in the order we will discuss them together with reading assignments for each of these topics. 

Announcements is a place for me to post changes in the Web page.

Communications is a page that explain our use of the listserv.

Test Study Guide is a page where I will provide material that will be identified as relevant for each of the three tests and post previously used test questions.

Lecture Notes is a page for me to place some of the lectures in outline form.

Grades is a place for me to post the grades after each test.

Reference Shelf is a page that lists  resources on the Web to help you better understand the American Presidency.

Home Page returns you to my home page.

  If you have any questions contact me: Joe Gaziano