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What is Instructional Technology?
Instructional Technology includes the processes and tools involved in improving teaching and learning by integrating technology into the curriculum.
What can be done with a degree in Instructional Technology?
Professionals with a degree in Instructional Technology can function in a variety of educational and training settings, including the development of online instructional modules, educational software, and training videos. They can also work with faculty and support staff to develop plans to integrate technology into their lessons.
How can I prepare for the Technology Specialist test?

The Technology Specialist test is designed to test your understanding of a wide variety of instructional technology topics:

  • Concepts and skills relevant to learning technologies, tools, and resources.
  • Social, ethical, legal, and security issues related to the use of technology in education.
  • Educational and technology-related research, the psychology of learning, and instructional design principles that guide use of computers and technology in education.
  • How to select, install, manage, and maintain the infrastructure of technology in the classroom setting.
  • How to install, customize, and configure the operating systems of computers and computer networks in school settings.
  • Types, uses, and selection of software in both classroom and administrative environments.
  • The use of information access and delivery resources to support the curriculum.
  • How to plan, deliver, and assess instruction related to learning technologies.
  • Concepts and skills related to implementing, promoting, and supporting technology literacy across the curriculum.
  • Concepts and skills related to instructional design and product development.
  • The development of curricular plans and instructional programs that are based on standards and guidelines and that integrate computers and other learning technologies.
  • Issues related to facilities and resource management.
  • Strategies for and issues related to managing the change process within educational reform efforts.
  • Staff development activities to support professional growth in learning technologies.

The Illinois State Board of Education provides a study guide for this test.

How do I register for the Technology Specialist test?
Visit the Illinois Certification Testing System web site. You will find information on registration, test dates, and test locations.

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