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"I found that my experience in this IT program has been phenomenal! This program has enabled me to create many beautiful and useful projects that I can use within the teaching environment and also in my personal life. My most favorite programs that I used were DreamWeaver and Photoshop. By knowing how to use DreamWeaver, I was able to create a very useful web page for my students and their parents to access. Photoshop has enabled me to expand my skills for scrapbooking, which I am also an advisor for the scrapbooking club at my school.

This program has also forced me to become more involved in my education. Before I attend this program, I was rather apathetic in reading pertinent journals and articles for my profession. The courses here have opened my mind to the research and ideas that are out there.

Lastly, the instructors at Lewis University have been the most kind and helpful instructors that I have ever encountered in my academic career. Our education and learning experiences seem to be the top priority of this institution and that made me feel secure in the money and time that I have spent on my master’s degree. I also can’t forget the life long friendships that I have made during the course of this degree. It will be sad not being able to see them on a weekly basis!"

-- AD, Class of 2006


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