Welcome to the Music Department!


Lewis University’s newly designed BA in Music Industry is a culturally inclusive, richly diverse, and experiential music program for students who are interested in pursuing careers in the highly diverse music industry. Students from all musical backgrounds are welcome in this program. The program involves experiential learning opportunities including an internship experience at world-class organizations. Through the completion of core music courses, concentration core courses, and music electives, students will experience a music curriculum that responds to current needs and market trends in the music industry.

Music Industry students complete a diverse and comprehensive music core curriculum along with courses for one of the four concentration core curriculums: Popular Music Studies, Music Business, Popular Music Performance, or Music Production and Recording.

Concentrations provide greater flexibility to students to pursue areas of the music industry that interest them. When combined with the music core curriculum, concentrations allow for adaptability in responding to mutable market trends in the music industry by prioritizing the practical application of skills for musicians in the twenty-first century.


Concentration: Popular Music Studies
Students in the Popular Music Studies concentration are given great flexibility to create their own pathway to graduation and a career by taking courses that interest them.

Concentration: Music Business
Students who pursue a concentration in Music Business explore elements related to the music industry from product sales to entrepreneurship to marketing.

Concentration: Popular Music Performance
The concentration in Popular Music Performance combines performance and music business elements, preparing students for a career as a musical performer and entertainer.

Concentration: Music Production and Recording
Students interested in exploring the diverse world of music production study topics ranging from studio recording techniques to song writing to live sound.