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Welcome to the home of Film Studies at Lewis University. Here you will find information on academic programs, program-sponsored film series, and cinema-related events on campus. Re-visit us often for announcements of current and upcoming film events at Lewis.


Lewis University's new interdisciplinary minor in Film Studies offers courses in film study, history, theory, national cinema traditions, genre study, screenwriting, and digital production processes. As a manageable minor course of study, students can easily integrate film studies with their work in other major fields. Program details and course descriptions can be found using the minor link at left. This is a quick summary of currently listed courses, but new courses from many different departments will be added to this list in coming semesters.

The Film Studies Minor--18 hours

Required Courses--6 hours
(must take these two courses)

ENGL 270000

Introduction to Film Studies (3)

ENGL 430000

Film Theory and Criticism (3)

Electives--9 or 12 hours
(may take any 3 or 4 of these or other approved courses)

ENGL 227000

Stories into Film (3)

ENGL 361000

Topics in Film and Literature (3)

ENGL 363000

Postmodern American Fiction & Film (3)

ENGL 370000

Topics in Film Study (3)

ENGL 371000

Classical Hollywood Cinema (3)

ENGL 372000

The History of Film (3)

ENGL 374000

The Horror Film (3)

ENGL 375000

Women in Film (3)

ENGL 376000

World/Ethnic Film (3)

COMS 230000

Digital Filmmaking (3)

One Possible Elective --3 hours
(may take any 1 course from these)

THEA 271000

Acting I (3)

THEA 371000

Acting II (3)

COMS 370000

Opinion Writing (3)

COMS 426000

Special Topics in Mass Media (3)

MUSC 230000

Music, History, and Film (3)

SOCI 206000

Film and Society (3)

Professors offering courses in the Film Studies program will include members of the English, Fine Arts, History, Communications, and other departments. The faculty link will take you to email, homepage and course syllabus links.

Want to know what's going on now? Visit courses for the current semester's offerings in Film Studies, as well as for links to past and future course listings.

For the complete schedule of this year's Film Series on the Arts and Ideas Calendar, as well as links to other film series and film events on the Romeoville campus, visit the events link.

Click on search if you want to locate a film held in Lewis University Library's extensive video and DVD collection. You will be directed to the Library's Online Catalog. Just type in the film's title and select Film/Videos on the Quick Limit drop-down menu.

Interested in knowing what else is going on out there? Click on links for a list of interesting film and cinema sites on the Internet.


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