Instructions for Accessing Political Science Classes on the Web

Joe Gaziano


Instead of the traditional paper version of a syllabus I use an electronic edition and communications via website to supplement teaching in the classroom.  This method is aimed at saving trees and avoiding the copy machine.  I urge you to view the material online without the need for traditional hardcopy.  I think you will find this method more helpful than the traditional way of doing things.


To access my Website go to  You can also access my website by going through the Lewis Web Page.  Go to the Lewis home page. Type political science in the search box and press go.  Then click on the first entry.  Scroll down the left hand column to Joe Gaziano's website.  Click on that to get to my website. Or, you can google my name, Joe Gaziano.



My home page has the names of the courses I am teaching in the left hand menu and at the bottom of the page.  If it is your first time taking me for a class be sure and read this page carefully.  Then, click on the course you are registered for.  When you get the Website for the class you are enrolled in do the following:

  1. Bookmark the page
  2. Click on the menu in the left hand column one item or button at a time
  3. Read each page carefully.
  4. Pay careful attention to the syllabus and topics and readings (lectures, or lecture topics) pages because these two pages constitute the basic materials of the class.
  5. The syllabus identifies the basic concepts of the class, text and objectives of the course as well other requirements of the class.
  6. The topics and readings page identifies what I cover in the lectures and what the required readings are.  If you have any questions or problems be sure and contact me.  I can be reached by phone:  office is 836-5323 and at home 708-4889484.  By email:  at Lewis: and at home:


The online website is much more detailed than a traditional syllabus.  As you will note the online version contains the test schedule, sample of test questions, extra credit assignments, and links to the text website.  You should get use to using it online on your own computer or by using the computers in the labs on campus.