Terrance P. Peeples | Percussion


Terrance Peeples Terrance P. Peeples is an adjunct music lecturer/percussion instructor. He spent over 20 years teaching courses including Percussion, History of American Popular Music and History of African-American Music classes. Mr. Peeples has a masters, bachelors and associates degrees in percussion performance with a minor in music education from Western Illinois University, Illinois State University and Joliet Jr. College. He is currently a member of the Percussive Arts Society, the Vic Firth Education team and a percussionist for www.callaloochicago.com

Terry was the winner of Chicagoland's Best Drummer Contest in 1991 and also the Drum set 2001 Individual Champion at the Senior Drum Corps Finals in Syracuse, NY. He is a freelance musician in Chicagoland in which he plays jazz, rock, blues, hand drum and steel drum gigs.