Timothy Bowlby | Theory


Tim Bowlby Timothy J. Bowlby holds music degrees from Acadia University and the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. His composition teachers included Gordon Callon and Owen Stephens at Acadia, and William Brooks, Morgan Powell, and Paul Martin Zonn at UIUC.

Tim teaches courses in music theory, ear training, composition, music appreciation, and music for film and television at Lewis. He taught theory and appreciation at Columbia College (Chicago) and ear training, composition, and contrapuntal techniques at St. Xavier University. He was a teaching assistant at UIUC, and worked as a private tutor/on-line mentor for composition and composition pedagogy programs throughout the USA.

His compositions and arrangements have been performed in North America, Britain, and Japan. Bowlby is also a singer and conductor. He studied voice with Marie McCarthy, Ingemar Korjus, Ronald Hedlund, N. Delré Smith, and Angela Presutti. His conducting teacher was Peter H. Riddle at Acadia.

Tim has published research on various aspects of modern music. His scores are available from Pelican Music Publishing and Rose & Tyger Music.